The Florida Scholastic Esports Federation connects Play + Passion + Purpose with learning and engagement opportunities.


To provide educational and developmental support to youth and young adults throughout Florida to grow and thrive, using immersive experiential learning curriculum and activities.




Laylah Bulman, Executive Director

Laylah Bulman is the enterprise director for LEGO Education and a LEAD STEM Fellow, responsible for LEGO Education’s STEM + CS efforts across Florida and the national STEM Learning Ecosystems. Most recently, she has launched the Florida Scholastic Esports League, an affiliate of the North American Scholastic Esports Federation, to expand opportunities in STEM careers through the ecosystems framework. She began her career in the US Embassy in Mexico City, working on science and environmental policy and then moved into K12, working as a teacher, administrator and STEM ecosystem partner, focusing on the effective implementation and sustainability of creative education technologies for classroom innovation. She is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Public and International Affairs and a graduate of The University of Virginia.